Guinot Skincare

Guinot Skincare Treatments in Coleraine

guinot-smWith over 40 years’ experience Guinot have developed the best in skincare treatments and products. With a range of facials to suit all ages and skin types your therapist will be able guide you to the right treatment for your needs and to deliver results. All facials can be tailored for men or women.

Guinot Facial Treatments

The Guinot Hydradermie facial is the most advanced salon treatment for maintaining a healthy complextion. It deep cleanses and oxygenates skin and stimulates cellular renewal. The Hydradermie improves levels in dry skin, reduces sebum levels in oily skin and reduces wrinkle depth in lined skin.

Hydradermie2 Age Logic (90mins) – £72

‘The ultimate treatment for anti ageing with superior results.’ A Hydradermie facial with extra firming and toning serums and treatments designed to revitalise mature skin and diminish signs of ageing. The treatment focuses on the eye, neck and décolleté and includes the luxurious Serenity Massage (unique to Guinot), with relaxing oils.

Hydradermie Age Logic – Course of 3 £172.80

Recommended treatment for best results.

Hydradermie 2 (60mins) – £59

‘Double the ionisation; double the effects of the original Hydradermie.’ A superior facial with an international reputation. A monthly Hydradermie facial will keep your skin in optimum condition. Your therapist will advise you on the best treatment to suit your skin type; whether normal, dehydrated, mature, oily, sensitive or pigmented.

Teenage Tonic (45mins) – £38

An express version of the Hydradermie Facial tailored specifically for younger, teenage skin. This will deep cleanse to help purify the skin and minimise problems associated with teenage skin.
*The Hydradermie Facial is suitable for teenage skin and will give optimum results.

Pre Wedding Skincare Consultation

Please feel free to book your complementary skincare consultation with one of our therapists. They will conduct a skin test and address any of your pre wedding concerns.

Guinot Lifting Facials

The ultimate facial. A non surgical lifting facial treatment for a client of 30 years plus. It is a 2 part facial treatment, including lymphatic drainage to drain toxins and improve skin tone. Stimulation then lifts and tones muscles to improve overall elasticity. This facial can reduce wrinkles depth by 50% and improve firmness by 40%. This is a unisex treatment suitable for all clients.

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe (The Life Express Facial combined with the Hydradermie Plus) (105mins) – £99

The ultimate facial to give real results. A combination of both top of the range facials.

Hydradermie Lift Express (55mins) – £ 70

An excellent regular facial that can be incorporated into your facial schedule or taken as a course for maximum results.

Courses of Hydradermie Lift Express (55mins)

Available upon request.


Guinot Holistic Facials

The hand on touch for the ultimate in client comfort and care. There is a facial available to meet ant client’s skincare needs and their mood.

Aromatic Facial (60mins) – £53

A blissful aromatherapy facial that balances the skin, softens the fine lines, restores radiance, lifts the senses instills a feeling of total wellbeing. The Aromatic is tailored specifically for each client’s skin; it’s customized with combinations of essential oils and plant concentrates. Suitable for all client’s except those allergic to plant extracts/ essential oils.

Liftosome (60mins) – £57

An energising, hands on anti ageing facial. It is specifically developed to treat problems associated with mature skin, from 30 years plus. It use Pro-Collagen and thermal lifting mask to strengthen elasticity whilst stimulating cellular regeneration.

Liftosome Course of 3

Recommended. Taken at a rate of 1 a week for 3 consecutive weeks.


Age Summum (60 mins) – £72

The ultimate anti-ageing facial that targets all signs of ageing.  This unique facial uses pure Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and pro-collagen, as well as toning and tightening movements for an exclusive massage.

New Hydra Peel Facial (60mins) – £75

The newest skin renewal facial that replaces the old Beaute Neuve Facial.  Fantastic to combat the signs of ageing, dull complexion and even dark spots on the skin.  Your therapist will choose the correct PH Peel for your skin to leave your complexion radiant.


The Hydra Clean (30mins) – £26

The express deep cleansing treatment.  Brighter skin, the Hydra Clean leaves your complexion looking clear and radiant.


Aftercare-All facial aftercare

No make-up for 24 hours (except bare Essentials,). Avoid all heat treatments. Good skin care routine advised.

All products are available to take home. Your therapist will advise you on skin care and facial programme to suit your needs.

Courses-Recommended for new clients. Time limits apply on courses and are not transferable. Facials should be taken once a week during the courses.


Aromatic Body Contouring (75mins) – £60

A complete holistic anti- cellulite contouring treatment. This treatment uses essential oils, plant extracts, seaweed and a thermal peel-off mask. The specialized massage technique target areas prone to cellulite.


Aromatic Body Softening (60mins) – £60

A full body exfoliation using sugar Kiwi scrub to eliminate any dead skin cells. Toning oils are used for a blissful massage. Masque essential is then applied to smooth the back on the heat of hot stones makes this even more relaxing. You then enjoy all over application of Nutrizone lift to leave skin softer than ever.

Aromatic Solaire (60mins) – £40

An all over body preparation and application of Guinot Auto Bronzant.  Enjoy a full body exfoliation with Gommage facial, shower and then application of the moisturizing tan to give beautifully even bronzed color. Ideal for a special occasion or to maintain a post holiday glow.

Sugar Kiwi Body Polish (30mins) £30

A complete body exfoliation to eliminate dead Surface cells and refine skin texture. Add to your favorite spa massage/facial treatment-


– Rest after your body treatment. Drink plenty of water. Avoid heat treatments/vigorous exercise immediately after treatment.