Manicure Treatments

Manicure Treatments in Coleraine

Come and join us at our nail bar for a treatment to leave your hands and nails looking great. We welcome all ages to the nail bar (young clients are always welcome to enjoy a manicure treatment but under 13’s must be accompanied by an adult).

  • Acrylic Nail Extensions – 60mins: £41
  • Rebalance Nails (Repair) – 60mins: £25
  • Rebalance with colour gelish finish: 60 mins: £27
  • Rebalance Forever French – 60mins: £33

*Glitter/Ombre Effects at an additional charge

Instant Dry Polish – The hybrid nail system from Gelish that gives up to 2 weeks manicured finish.

  • French Finish – 30mins: £24
  • Colour Finish – 30mins: £20.50
  • Add Glitter: £3/ Ombre £8/ Chrome Effect £8
  • Removal: £10.50 – (£5.50 if applying a new set at same appointment)
  • Spa Manicure – 60mins: £35 (Soak, exfoliation, massage, mask/heated mitts, shape, cuticle push back and finish with colour polish or Gelish Colour.)
  • Express manicure 30mins: £20.50 (Soak, exfoliation, massage, cuticle push back, shape & colour polish)
  • Nail Shape & Colour Polish: £12.50


Nail Extension Aftercare

Clients using nail enhancements for the first time should avoid excessive length (which may cause breaking) and start with a shorter length until you become accustomed to them. Clients are advised not to pick or scratch at their nail enhancement as this may weaken them and promote breakage. Clients should remove nail enamel with professional, non-acetone enamel remover. Clients must use solar oil daily to ensure the nail enhancements remain flexible and prevent breakage. Clients should return to the salon for nail removal.


Gelish Long Lasting Nail Paint

Finally a 2 week finish to your shape and polish.  Perfect for nails or toes.

Colour finish (30mins) – £20.50

French finish (30mins) – £24

Add glitter – £3 / Add Chrome £8 / Add Ombre £8


Treat your hands with regular treatments to improve skin condition, cuticles, nail strength and appearance.

Perfections Spa Manicure (60mins) – £35

Express Treatments

Express Manicure (30mins) – £20.50

The express manicure / pedicure do all the essentials. Soak, cuticles are pushed back and nails are shaped and colour polished or buffed.

Shape & Polish (Colour Finish) (15mins) – £12.50

Nail file and Buff (15mins) – £10.50